Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids

Lubricants & MWF

One of the French leaders in Specialties Distribution, SAFIC-ALCAN  is now offering a broad range of high-performance raw materials to the Industrial lubricants, Greases, Engine oils and Metal Working fluids industries.

In cooperation with our Principals, our dedicated sales team is providing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and the latest technical and market trends.

Some examples of products supplied by SAFIC-ALCAN : silicones derivatives, esters, PIB, rheological additives, surfactants, anti-oxydants etc…

In addition, we are also able to develop customized solutions, allowing you to optimize your processing time or to secure your supplies.

Contact and challenge our technical experts to develop your project!


Home Care and Industrial detergency

Providing cost effective solutions in an always more demanding regulatory environment, this is today’s challenge of the Detergents industry.

Our committed technical sales engineers will be very glad to help you in finding the perfect solution for you. 

We supply key products to the Floor & Car care, Industrial cleaning, Hygiene and Disinfection industries like

  • Surfactants,
  • Antifoams,
  • Rheology modifiers,
  • Preservatives,
  • Waxes,

Besides, we are able to create Tailor-Made solutions to provide value and innovative solutions to our customers.

Contact and challenge our technical experts to develop your project!

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