Thermoplastics and Adhesives France

For the Plastic industry, we are also aiming at the same level of excellence, distributing specialties and a broad range of additives to improve the properties of any thermoplastic resin. For masterbatches as well as end users, from an impressive range of pigments (organic, mineral, special effects) to a full range of tailored-made compounds, our material are adapted to our customer needs enabling them to get the performance required for their application.

We are not only supplying products, but thanks to our technical backgrounds and previous experiences prior to joining Safic-Alcan, our team provide accurate formulation advices, manufacturing and processing recommendations.

Furthermore, from local business to international customer global cooperation, we also beneficiate from a privileged access to worldwide territories thanks to our overseas subsidiaries and an extensive network of distributors covering the 5 continents.

In short Safic-Alcan is the provider of Innovative Solutions to the Rubber, Thermoplastics and adhesives market.

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